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Welcome to The Digi Hype

Looks like the 2008 bug has bit and who knew that in 2020 I’d be starting up my first blog post πŸ˜‚ And so here I am and here you are, and the question to be asked? What is the Digi Hype and why should you stick around?

If I am being true to myself I’ve always been referred to as the digital plug. If there was a question around digital or social media, my Whatsapp would be blasting. For some time I’ve played around with the idea of starting a portal or dedicated space to share all things digital. I wanted to expand and pass the knowledge beyond my inner circle. And so www.thedigihype.com was started

Ok, now that we have the formalities out the way, what can you expect?

Community and Content.


We’re all asking the same questions as we’re all grappling with the same problems in digital, so as I navigate these challenges in my personal and professional life I want to connect with you guys and share the knowledge. Each one Teach One – so if all you do is one thing, let that one thing be that you share the knowledge and pass on the learning.


Now for the good stuff. So what can you expect?

🟒 Downloads
🟒 Tutorials
🟒 White Papers
🟒 Interviews

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my world. I really look forward to us working together as we navigate this digital world.

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